Beach Break Cafe @ Endless Summer

Beach Break Cafe @ Endless Summer

I feel like I jumped to an early conclusion on this restaurant in my Endless Summer blog post and I’d like to give it a new assessment having eaten there more now.  

Beach Break Cafe is the restaurant located inside of Universal’s newest onsite hotel…Endless Summer Surfside Inn & Suites.  And while I still don’t think I’d pick it if I had the opportunity to go over to City Walk to eat, it is a very convenient option when you arrive at the hotel late or want to eat a meal before heading to the airport.  

The past couple times we’ve been to Universal our plane has been delayed leaving.  By the time we’ve gotten to the hotel and checked in, it’s been 11pm and we’re starving!  While City Walk is still open at this time, the thought of shuttling over and waiting for a table just didn’t seem enjoyable.  So, instead we ate at the Beach Break Cafe just off the hotel lobby.  

As you can see from the picture above, this restaurant is a cafeteria style, you pick out or order your food at a counter, pay for it, then find a seat, which makes it a quick option too.  

My favourite meal here so far are the power bowls…with chicken, beef and tofu options, and loaded with rice, veggies, quinoa and beans, they’re filling without being too heavy.  

Pictured above are the Carne Asada with Baja Sauce and Herb Marinated Tofu with Lemon Tahini Vinaigrette.  Both have cilantro lime rice, quinoa, kale, red cabbage, and pickled carrots.  My favourite is the beef which is surprising as I would generally go for the vegetarian option here.  The chicken bowl (not pictured is a bit more spicy than the others).  

The burgers and baked chicken pasta (Pasta, Creamy White Sauce, Chicken, Mozzarella Cheese and a Breadstick) left something to be desired.  They’re edible but nothing to write home about.

The flatbread style pizza and the sandwiches both look great.  We haven’t tried them yet but they seem popular and will likely end up on our plate during a late night arrival or mid day departure in the future.  

Another option that is well worth the money and could easily be shared by two people is the Citrus Roasted Chicken. A huge piece of roasted chicken with choice of 2 sides (cilantro lime rice, seasonal vegetables, grilled corn or roasted potatoes wedges).  Here it is with potatoes and veggies…

As you can see, this portion is massive and could easily feed two people!  

Finally, as mentioned in my Endless Summer blog post, breakfast at the Beach Break Cafe is a decent option as well.  We don’t generally eat breakfast before we head into the parks in the morning, we usually just take a snack with us in our park bag, but it’s a nice option depending on when your flight leaves.   

Overall, this restaurant is a great option with a lot of varied offerings.  It also has a lot of grab and go items that you can take to your room or with you to the park.  Worth checking out if you’re staying at this hotel, which I highly recommend (find out why here).
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