City Walk Eats: Vivo Italian Kitchen

City Walk Eats: Vivo Italian Kitchen

Your classic Italian eatery but with homemade pasta it does not disappoint!  We tend to overeat at this restaurant, each ordering our own meal (and sometimes an appetizer too), so I’m totally fine with it only being open for dinner (opens at 4pm).

We have our favourite go-to menu items here too…


The meatball appetizer (House-made Meatballs in marinara) appetizer here is delicious.  With 3 large meatballs and a side of bread, it’s enough to share, especially with the entrée portions to come. 

Classic Caesar

Romaine, croutons, grana parano, anchovy Caesar dressing. 


“Pasta layers, bolognese, parmesan, mozzarella, creamy white sauce.”  It’s excellent and never disappoints. 

Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo

“Grilled chicken breast, parmesan cream sauce, pancetta, peas.”  Your typical Chicken Alfredo but very well executed.  This is my husbands number one choice for dinner here. 

Bucatini with Meatballs

Three house-made meatballs, marinara and mozzarella.

A slightly lighter option if you like shrimp is the Cacio E Pepe, “shrimp, pancetta, black pepper, pecorino, bucatini.”   I say slightly because while there’s no creamy sauce, it is still pasta and a huge portion. 

This menu does have a lot of non-pasta options as well…wood stove pizza, soup, salads, and lots of chicken, veal, fish and pork options.  Though I can’t personally vouch for them, everything coming out of the kitchen looks excellent.  

You shouldn’t have any trouble finding a great dinner here!

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